The Power of Networking

HONG KONG - MARCH 19: Unidentified people near Wan Chai metro station on March, 19, 2013. Wan Chai metro station is a one of the most busy in HK. Stock Photo - 22053600

Paul Ormerod in his book, ” Positive Linking”; he mentioned that the phrase ‘social networks’ is often synonymous with networking across the web on sites such as Facebook. “But this is just one, albeit new and important, aspect of a phenomenon that has existed for centuries. People do not live in isolation, but in society. Their lives filled with interactions across social networks. The network of their families, the network of their work colleagues, the networks of their hobbies, real-life social networks in which people meet, gossip, chat, argue,” I quote. I agree with him fully and I can testify with my own experiences.

I would like to share how I, my daughter and my brother are blessed through networking:

1. In 2010, whenever I saw investment related advertisements in the newspaper, I ignored as I was sceptical. I was not convinced that it is possible for me to make decent money with what it claimed. I pray and pondered for more than a year. Around end 2011, something in me(for the Christian, that something is the Holy Spirit. Whereas for the non-believer, it is the intuition) prompted me to attend a free workshop to discover for myself how this ‘investment guru’ made money in the property market without taking physical possession of the unit purchased. I was impressed with the business model. However, in order for me to enjoy the protection and benefits in future coming projects, I need to attend a seminar and become a member of this relatively well known and established network. I paid and went for a three days seminar. It was an eye-opener for me as I have never attended any seminar of such big scale. It was conducted at the Singapore Expo-Hall where close to a thousand participants attended.

Like most novice, I was sceptical and fearful of investing in foreign property. After the seminar, I didn’t do anything for a year as I was fearful of the unknown. I kept praying and asking for divine help. However around end 2012, I was prompted to invest through a Sale Consultant of Shenton Wealth. By ‘Godcidence’, I responded to her sales marketing email published in my investors’ network Yahoo Group account.

It was a German listed building project marketed by Dolphin Capital Asia. The reason why I invested was because I went to a  presentation conducted by the CEO of Shenton Wealth. I talked to other investors to find out their experiences from investing with Dolphin Capital Asia. I also chatted with the CEO personally and found out that she is also a devoted Christian. She was sincere and honest about the risk of investing in foreign country. I was convinced and started my first investment with her.  I would not have started my investment if not for this ‘Godcidence’ encounter. To me, it was a “Godcidence” because I pray and waited for more than a year to decide whether to invest in alternative investment overseas. However, you may think that it was a coincidence. Up to date, I have invested in numerous projects offered by Dolphin Capital Asia through Shenton Wealth; and I am glad with my returns.

2. Since my daughter graduated from University (College) in August 2013, she was working part-time as a service crew in a bubble tea shop. She enjoyed working and has no hurry to look for a full-time job. I was concerned as the job experience is not going to add much value to her resume since she majored in Communication. I kept reminding her and she is not concerned. As usual, I began to pray for her new job.

In February 2014, I was invited to a Chinese New Year dinner at Marina Bay Sand by Shenton Wealth. Usually I go for such event alone even though I was encouraged to bring along a friend. My daughter was not interested in investment talks. Anyway, I invited her. In the past she rejected my invitation, but to my surprise she agreed to go for this particular meeting.  She was not aware of my intention to let her start her first alternative overseas investment through Dolphin Capital Asia that night. I help her to start her first investment with the condition that she pays me back when she started working full-time in future. She was willing and accepts my proposal.

Before the presentation started that night, I make a point to interact with other investors. My daughter was sitting next to a Company director whom we have never met. As I chatted with him, I shared my investing experiences with Dolphin Capital Asia. He shared about his work and I was prompted (by the Holy Spirit) to ask him: ‘By the way, is your company recruiting any new staff.’ I was glad that I ask him as he was looking for a fresh graduate to fill a vacant position in his Consultancy firm.

I encouraged my daughter to grab the opportunity as I sense that the CEO was keen to recruit her after doing his initial screening at the dining table. I was glad that she took my advice. She was offered a job the next day after meeting the CEO. She was offered SGD$3,100 a month salary; three hundred dollars above her expected salary. It is uncommon for a fresh graduate major in Communication to get such good salary today. My cousin who is a University graduate, majored in Bio-Chemical Engineering is currently drawing SGD $3,000(inclusive of year-end bonus) salary a month as a Researcher in a pharmaceutical company. I believe, God’s favour is upon her.

3. Last week, I went for an Investors Appreciation cum Marketing presentation dinner at the Marina Mandarin Hotel. During the meeting. I messaged my brother and told him about the investment opportunity. He was keen to invest this time around. Time is of essence in the submission of this form for investors who wish to gain the extra 1 percent bonus offered to those who have attended the presentation. As such, I was glad to help him submit the ‘Intention to Invest’ form upon my return home the same night through my Sales Consultant.

After sharing with my brother about what my Sales Consultant does, he was keen to join Shenton Wealth as a Sales Consultant. I encourage him to contact my Sales consultant, who is also the Associate Sales Director of Shenton Wealth. Through me,  he is now in contact with her; and will be meeting her for an interview sometime this week.

During investors meeting, I make a point to share my own investment experiences and learn more about other investors’ investment experiences, job nature and industry they work in. Although I don’t have a business card to exchange, I am glad to share and learn from them. Sometime, I would exchange mobile phone number if I find the person sincere and frank in his/her conversation. However, if I sense there is any ulterior motive in the conversation, I will refuse to exchange contact number as I make no apology to say that I don’t foresee any future contact with him/her.

I am not trying to boast how much we are blessed here, but rather to drive the point across the power of networking. I believe as long as you are sincere in your sharing and interaction with people, your gain is immeasurable. Perhaps you may get a job, a business idea or even make a friend through networking. You cannot put a price tag to the benefits of sharing and interacting with people whom you have common interest.



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